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Feline Behavior Consultation

Cats live by their own rules. They are highly individual animals and much as we love them, it sometimes becomes difficult to understand their less charming behaviors. Scratching, spraying, and other common cat problems can leave you feeling frustrated. It can be a real challenge to correct feline behavior problems. The good news is that we can manage almost every common cat problem.

Pet Reboot, with the help of our behavior vet and cat trainer, we can devise a behavior modification plan for your cat. After a diagnosis, we will also prescribe appropriate diet, training, and medication (if needed).

Pet Reboot

Common Cat Behavior Issues


  • Fear-based or defensive.
  • Inter-cat aggression.
  • Offensive or frustration aggression.
  • Petting Induced aggression.
  • Play related aggression.
  • Redirected (acts out against bystander).
  • Territorial aggression.
  • Aggression at vet office.
  • Aggression unknown (idiopathic).

Anxiety, Fear, and Phobic Disorders

  • Anxiety Disorder.
  • Fear of people.
  • Fear of places & things.
  • Firework sensitivities and phobias.
  • Generalized anxiety.
  • Noise sensitivity and phobias.
  • Separation anxiety.
  • Thunderstorm sensitivities and phobias.

Compulsive and Repetitive Behaviors

  • Excessive licking.
  • Pica (eating nonfood items).
  • Over-grooming.
  • Tail chasing and spinning.
  • Fabric eating and wool sucking.

Geriatric Behavior Problems

  • Nocturnal behavior problems.
  • Cognitive dysfunction.
  • Older cat behavior problems.

House Soiling

  • House soiling.
  • Urine marking.

Mourning Behavior

  • Loss of companion pet.
  • Loss of human companion.

Nuisance Behaviors

  • Attention seeking/ soliciting behavior.
  • Begging.
  • Chewing.
  • Destructive play + exploration.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Jumping on tables & counters.
  • Nocturnal behavior.
  • Predatory behavior.
  • Roaming.
  • Scratching Behavior.
  • Stealing household objects.
  • Travel related problems.
  • Excessive vocalization.

Kitten Behavior Problems

  • Starting kitten off right.

Rescue Cat Behavior Problems

  • PTSD.
  • Incomplete socialization.
  • Other listed behaviors.

Let’s Get Started!

2 Steps to Making a Change!

Step 1: Your Initial Behavior Assessment Consultation
Step 2: Your Pets Customized Behavior Modification Plan

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